Cocktail Bar
I Conoscenti

Creating home-made cocktails, both new and classic, is our speciality.

Like Bologna, our cocktails are sophisticated, eccentric, never banal; they don't get caught up in trends but express them naturally.

Salute al Conte!

Berto Vermouth has made its way into the world’s finest establishments, from Moscow to Shanghai, and is appreciated and valued daily in every taste. While the rosemary flavours the bitter, the jalapeño chillies add extra vigour to the vermouth. Seldom has a Negroni been more aromatic.


Peperoni Botanici

For the development of this cocktail we prepare a pepper alcohol infused with five botanicals, from the East we take yuzu, a Japanese citrus fruit, and from China Jasmine Dragon, one of the finest green teas in the world. On rare yew wood we smoke the glass with marigold. Man calls, Botanica answers.


Serendipity, from Milan with Love

A unique preparation born of the love of a budding couple, it manages to generate explosions of flavour in spicy fragrances with floral hints. The timeless Tanqueray supports pink pepper and cloves, a French rose petal confit contributes to the magic of the moment. Inevitable is the rose petal.


Spicy Gimlet

A complex mixture of flavours is generated by an elixir prepared with different hot spices and gin infused with orange peel. Bitter orange marmalade amalgamates this dry and citrusy cocktail, enveloping in its characteristic spiciness.


Montegelli, Il Borgo degli antichi sapori

Anisetta Rosati, Italian excellence in the world of wine, finds itself unusually paired with Savor, a cooked and flavoured grape must typical of this region. Raspberries and white grapes are covered with balsamic vinegar from Modena, and a sprinkling of mace opens the door to this ancient Borgo.


Camomillo Brenso

What Camomillo evokes is a total immersion in the backstreets of Mumbai. Orange and mandarin, combined with chamomile, come alive with the powerful organoleptic expression of pimiento, cumin-flavoured honey and rum. Complex, multicultural, it encompasses the communion of several peoples and cultures, expressing it naturally within a cup.



An alternative tribute to Sparkling that comes from the combination of pears, roses and delicate white tea. Welcome to the elegant aperitif Conoscenti!


Clover Clubber

Music changes and evolves, but the passion for it remains intact. That’s why we propose a great classic of international mixing, the Clover Club, revisiting it in a Conoscenti key. Gin, lime, sugar crusts agglomerated with dehydrated raspberries and cinnamon, raspberry jam and wild strawberries. Once you have tried it, it will stay with you forever like the music that runs through the veins of us Clubbers.